CARE Foundation

We believe in women empowerment - for a better tomorrow, for a better humanity. NexGenPak is working with CARE Foundation to provide vocational training to underprivileged women, as part of CARE Craft program. This will equip them with employable skills which leads to financial independence.

The CARE Foundation was started in 1988 in Sheikhupura in response to floodwater ravaging low-lying areas. Today, CARE runs 426 schools providing high quality education to approximately 195,000 students. Beside education CARE is also involved in:

  • College Sponsorship Program
  • Access to English Program
  • Teachers Training
  • Vocational Training

When CARE built its first school in Sheikhupura district, it set up an industrial home to generate economic opportunities for women affected by the devastating floods. That program, started in 1990, has turned into a fully-fledged enterprise development program.

At CARE Crafts, a wide range of skillfully made products are created. These products create employment for skilled women with the funds invested in CARE Schools.