Projects Completed

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Solar Powered Water Pump
When a handful of Pakistani-Americans started NexGenPak, they could not be certain that their work would help improve...Read more
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Starting a business in Pakistan, even under favorable circumstances, is not for the faint of heart. A woman starting a...Read more
Project Rationales: School sponsorship program is designed to supports school and to meet running expenses of schools...Read more
KPK is blessed with an abundance of water and rivers but for a mountain village north of Qabal, Swat, getting water is...Read more
With the tragedy of over 2000 people dying due to the heatwave of 2015, NexGenPak sent 1400$ for cold bottled water...Read more
Khushi Muhammad of Walton Cantt, Lahore was unemployed for 6 months. Without a reliable income, all 4 of his children...Read more