BIRD (Brilliance Innovation Research & Development)

NexGenPak is launching a new initiative called BIRD (Brilliance Innovation Research & Development) effective December 2016, to help Brilliant minds and support Research, Innovation and Development in the areas directly related with the issues in Pakistan. The goal of BIRD is to drive general behavior of student population currently enrolled in their Final Years in professional colleges and universities across Pakistan from merely doing theoretical projects (for the sake of getting just a degree/diploma) to spending their valuable time in addressing and finding solutions to real problems faced by Pakistan wihtin the area of science and technology.  As a result of this initiative, NGP aim to change the focus of our higher education from producing only degree holders to a more energetic workforce of young entrepreneurs who can contribute their mind and energy on something more tangible for themselves and for the advancement of Pakistan. 

This project is rolled out initially for students currently enrolled in the department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.

The evaluation will be carried out solely by NexGenPak Corporation.  Projects will be rated for first, second and third position and carry an award money of: 

1- First position=      PKR 15,000, 
2- Second position= PKR 12,000 and 
3- Third position=     PKR 10,000 respectively

For inquiries and request application form:  please contact via email :

Last Date for submission of applications= June 30, 2017

Funding Progress

We need $500 donation for this project.


So far $150 of $500 donation collected.